The Lyngen traverse

Lyngen på langs is seven days of skiing, covering 12 000 vertical meters and 130 kilometres in total; -The ultimate Lyngen adventure!
  • This tour involves seven full days of skiing
  • Price pr person is 29 900 NOK.
    This includes;
    -Six nights in mountain huts
    -All food(pre placed by Lyngenguide)
    -Safety equipment
    -Two connecting nights(before and after the traverse) in motel/B&B
  • Check availability for 2018 HERE
Photo: Nils-Erik Bjørholt
Photo: Nils-Erik Bjørholt

The Lyngen south – north traverse

Sking the classic “Lyngen på langs” is quite a feat, and only an exclusive few have been able to experience it. The terrain is complex, the logistics are not straight forward, and the information is scarce. But with our local knowledge we have put it all together in a package that allows you to ski the Route of all routes!
* We only do the traverse in the end of the season:
-a stable snow pack
-endless daylight
* We carry only a day pack
-all the food is pre placed in the huts
-there are duvets in the huts(you only need to bring a silk liner)
* We know the area intimately
-best skiing
-alternative routes

Photo: Nils-Erik Bjørholt
Photo: Nils-Erik Bjørholt


Day 0. Meet the guide at Nordkjosbotn in the afternoon. Final preperation
Day 1. The adventure begins. Skiing from Nordkjosbotn to Elvevolldalen. 9-11h
Day 2. Elvevolldalen to Lyngsdalen, 8-10h of skiing
Day 3. Lyngsdalen to Lyngseidet 8-9h of skiing
Day 4. Lyngseidet to Fastdalen 6-8h of skiing
Day 5. Fastdalen to Sørlenangsbotn 7-9h of skiing
Day 6. Sørlenangsbotn to Vaggasdalen 7-9h of skiing
Day 7. Vaggasdalen to Lyngstuva 11-13h. Farewell dinner @ Magic Mountain Lodge
Day 8. Departure

Mikal Nerberg
Photo: Nils-Erik Bjørholt


Your mountainguide will be certified according to the international IFMGA-standard. On the Lyngen traverse we only take two guests pr guide due to some exposed passages where a rope might be needed.  To ensure an efficent and comfortable expedition, the maximum size of the group is four guests(two guides).

Photo: Nils-Erik Bjørholt
Photo: Nils-Erik Bjørholt



Due to the remoteness of the areas we will ski, some skills are required of the group to ensure travel in a safe and sound manner. The participants must be comfortable with skiing off-piste in changing conditions. It is expected that each member of the expedition are capable of skiing within their own limits and the guides directions at all times.

The participants should be familiar with multi-day alpine skitouring. Even though you’re not expected to be a climber, using “harscheisen”(ski crampons), ice axe and crampons are all skills you need to do the traverse.


The maximum weight you are allowed to carry is 6kg. This includes a harness, an ice axe and crampons provided by Lyngenguide(1130grams total). This means you need to pack no more than the bare essentials.
The climbing is done in a pace that allows us to continue for a full day(6-13h!) and conserve strength for the downhill skiing. However, the average day is 1700 vertical meters plus 18km distance. No walk in the park, so make sure you do your PT! The best way to train for this adventure is to go skitouring. A lot.


The route suggested in the program is chosen to give the best possible skiing and still manage the full traverse within the given timeframe. As the conditions/weather is always a concern, the actual route migth differ from this. Seven days don’t allow for us to wait out the weather, but there are alternative passages from all the cabins. There is allways an exit, but no “traverse guarantee”.

The only guarantee is adventure!

Please contact us for more info!

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