Can ski touring facilitate green thinking?

What happenes when you mix a group of scientists, entrepreneurs, business leaders and activists, add touring skis and snow, and let it simmer for a couple of days in the mountains?

In 2023 Gabriel Arthur from Suston Magazine joined the Vatnahalsen Think Tank to find out. Read his excellent article online here:

Group discussion the nordic way. Photo: Gabriel Arthur/Suston
Cecilia Lindén and Pella Thiel skinning up from Myrdal train station. Photo: Lyngenguide

Reduced emissions = reduced price!

If you choose to travel to Lyngen without flying you can now achieve up to 20% price reduction on our guiding.

Staying on the ground doesn’t mean you can’t experience your dream destination. To encurrage you to choose sustainable means of transport, Lyngenguide doubles down on your effort. For example; if you document a sevenfold reduction in emissions1, you get 14% off of the normal guide rate.

For the Lyngen traverse the following discount apply:
50-60% reduced emissions – 2000NOK
60-70% reduced emissions – 3000NOK
70-80% reduced emissions – 4000NOK
80-90% reduced emissions – 5000NOK
More than 90% reduction – 6000NOK

  1. Calculated by comparing the estimated emissions from your travel mode to flying, using ↩︎